Horticultural Pest & Disease Board


  • 2nd Monday of each month at 1:30pm from March through September (schedule may vary)
  • Franklin County Building and Planning Department
    502 W Boeing Street
    Building and Planning Department Conference Room
    Pasco, WA 99301

Board Members

  • Luke Hayden, Chair
    Term expires: February 1, 2024
  • Erick Smith, Vice Chair
    Term expires: February 1, 2024
  • Jarom Empey
    Term expires: February 1, 2024
  • Pat Sullivan
    Term expires: February 1, 2025
  • Josh Milnes, WSDA Member
  • Gwen Hoheisel, WSU Extension Advisory Member
  • Dave Allen, Advisory member

Pam Loa, Program Manager/Inspector
Connor Dykes, CLRV Inspector

About the Board

In 1971, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners approved the formation of a Horticultural Pest and Disease Board. The Board is charged with the responsibility of receiving complaints concerning pests and diseases in Franklin County and taking action to control priority pests and diseases that threaten agriculture in the county.


The Horticultural Pest and Disease Board was created with the following goals to preserve unobstructed sale of fruit from Franklin County:

  • Monitor tree fruit health throughout the county
  • Educate the public concerning the need and legal requirement to care for fruit bearing trees
  • Assist the public caring for or removing diseased, infested or host trees
  • Provide incentive for replacing/removing diseased, infested or host trees as funds allow
  • Respond to complaints of diseased, infested or host trees with the goal of proper care or removal per RCW 15.09 and applicable horticultural law
  • Conduct ongoing surveys/inspections to detect new infestations before they spread

Join the Board

The Franklin County Horticultural Pest and Disease Control Board has five voting members that are voluntary positions. Four are appointed by the County Council with one member having at least a practical knowledge of horticultural pests and diseases and the other members shall be residents of the county, shall own land within the county and shall be engaged in the primary and commercial production of a horticultural product or products, and one of whom shall be engaged in the production of certified organic produce, if available. Appointed members shall serve a minimum of two years.

Join the Staff

Horticultural Inspector