Elections (English)

The Elections Department is a part of the Franklin County Auditor's office. We are responsible for administering elections in the county for all federal, state, county, municipal, and special districts. Elections typically occur four times per year in February, March, August, and in November.

In conjunction with running elections, the department is also responsible for voter registration. Each of the county's estimated 44,093* registered voters must be assigned a voting precinct based on their residence address. As voters change addresses or district lines move, the voter registration files must be updated.

Franklin County is a vote-by-mail county. All eligible voters automatically receive a ballot in the mail at least 18 days prior to an election.


*Number of registered voters last updated on November 2023.

Election Results for the February 13, 2024 Special Election

February 13, 2024 Special Election Results Tally 1 (PDF)