Current Planning

The Franklin County Planning Department provides a variety of planning services to the citizens of the unincorporated areas of Franklin County. These services include the reviewing and processing of land use development proposals for conformance with the County's Comprehensive Plan and other County policies and regulations. In addition to the Comprehensive Plan, the Department administers the implementation of the County's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, Shoreline Master Program, Critical Area Ordinance, and the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) relative to development proposals.

The Staff also provides support services to the County Planning Commission, County Commissioners, and County Administrator, in addition to providing assistance to the general public relative to planning information and application processing.

Some examples of development proposals that are reviewed for compliance with County policies and regulations include:

  • CUP - Conditional and/or Special Use Permit
  • SP - Short Plat and/or Short Subdivision
  • SUB - Subdivision and/or Long Plat
  • VAR - Variance
  • VOE - Vacation of Easement
  • SDP - Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
  • ZC - Zone Change
  • SEPA - State Environmental Policy Act
  • HO - Home Occupations
  • PUD - Planned Unit Development
  • BLA - Boundary Line Adjustments