Paperless Tax Bills

Paperless Statements

The Treasurer's Office is now offering eBill to taxpayers - a new payment portal which will allow you to create an online account, view tax bills, make payments and manage your property tax statement preferences.

Sign up for eBills today!

Why Go Paperless?

  • Reduce the cost of printing statements - It cost the county almost $1 for every statement they print and mail every year. With over 44,000 statements a year the cost adds up quickly
  • Saves trees - and helps protect the environment
  • Saves time - receive statements as soon as they're ready, instead of waiting for them to arrive in the mail
  • Additional reminders - By enrolling into e-statements you will receive an additional courtesy reminder if your taxes are unpaid the month they are due
  • User-Friendly - easily find all your account information and balances online at your convenience
  • Statement archive - by enrolling in e-statement, you can access your tax statements up to 3 years
  • Reduces paper clutter - and time spent filing statements

With eBill taxpayers have access to:

  • Email Notifications - Sign up for eBills and we will send notifications each time a statement is ready to view. Also receive notifications each time a payment is due
  • Online Payments - pay by eCheck, debit or credit card
  • Paperless Statements - go green and login to view statements and see account activity online


With or without an account you can pay by eCheck, debit card or credit card:

  • $1 transaction fee for eCheck
  • $3.95 Visa debit card transaction fee
  • 2.5% or $1.50 minimum fee, credit card/other debit card transactions

Instructions on How to Sign up for E-Statement

  1. Go to our Online Portal
  2. Look up your property by using one of the following categories:
    • Parcel ID (please note that irrigation parcels need a "-1" at the end of a parcel number for them to come up, EX: Property Parcel 123456789 and Irrigation 123456789-1)
    • Name (When looking up by name enter your last name then your first name, or just your last name)
    • Address
  3. Once the parcel is located, click on "Register Parcel" on the right hand side to create an online account and receive email notification
  4. Once an account is created and you are logged in, hit the paperless toggle to "on" to no longer receive a paper copy of your bill, but only a PDF version

Please note that once you go paperless you will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill, only a PDF version that is sent to your account.