How do I apply for Sheriff's Office Positions?

The hiring process for these positions follows the rules established by the Franklin County Civil Service Commission and facilitated by the Human Resources Department. View the Civil Service Page.

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1. Where do I get information on current job openings?
2. How do I apply for a job with Franklin County?
3. Am I required to complete an 'Application for Employment' in order to apply for a position?
4. Should I attach a resume to my employment application?
5. What do I do if I want to apply for more than one job?
6. When is my application packet due to be returned to Human Resources?
7. Where do I return my application packet?
8. What employment benefits are offered by Franklin County?
9. How do I apply for Sheriff's Office Positions?
10. Once I have applied for a position, how will I know if I am being considered?
11. Where is the Franklin County Human Resources office?
12. What if I have additional questions about employment with Franklin County?
13. Will I receive assistance during the application and interview process if I have a disability?