Business Registration

The business registration program for Franklin County was initially started in 1990 by Ordinance Number 5-90. It has since been rewritten and replaced.

The current Franklin County business registration ordinance requires that all business in the unincorporated areas of Franklin County register with the County Planning Department prior to operating said business. This ordinance also requires that all persons not having a business location in the County, but engaging in any business and/or services within the County to also register. This is to assure proper location and compliance of said businesses under the provisions of the Franklin County Zoning Ordinance, Building Codes, Fire Codes, and Health Department regulations. It assures proper registration of businesses and allows Franklin County to ascertain proper tax receipts from the State of Washington. In compliance with the adopted Ordinance, the County has established a procedure for applying for a business registration.

If you plan to operate the business from a private residence located within Franklin County, you will also need to obtain a 'Home Occupation Permit' in addition to the business registration. This permit allows the business owner to use a portion of the residence for the daily operations of said business.

The business registration and home occupation permit applications can either be obtained electronically on this page (also available at our Application Forms section of the website), or by visiting the Planning and Building Department in person. If you elect to apply with our electronic form you must fill out the application forms in their entirety, including the required signatures, print them out and return them to us either by mail or in person, accompanied by the appropriate fees for processing.

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