Accessible Voting

There are other ways to vote besides voting by mail.

Online Ballot Marking Program

  • Any registered voter can use the online ballot marking program.
  • Voters with disabilities can mark their choices on the ballot online using the online ballot marking program.
  • If a voter's ballot is damaged or lost, the voter may mark their ballot on a computer and print it out. Return it by mail or at a ballot drop box before the 8 pm election day deadline.
  • Overseas and service voters may request to permanently receive their ballot by email.

Vote Center

Vote centers are available for voters that need assistance. The vote center has voting machines that offer audio and other assistive devices. Elections staff are available to assist as needed. Voters can also register to vote and get their ballot through Election Day.

Visit the Vote Center

Franklin County Auditor's Office
1016 N 4th Avenue
Pasco, WA 99301

Other Accessible Voting Options

If one of the above options doesn't work for you, please contact us for further assistance.

Accessible Voting Resources

Franklin County Accessibility Plan

Franklin County Elections is committed to providing accessible voting options to voters with disabilities. To achieve this goal, the Elections Department meets with members of the Disability Advisory Committee to determine how best to meet the needs of voters with disabilities.


  • Alma Cox, Para-Educator for Pasco School District, Special Education Department
  • Michael Robitaille, City of Kahlotus resident
  • Perrie Robitaille, City of Kahlotus resident

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