Marine Patrol

River Patrol BoatMarine Patrol

The Franklin County Marine Patrol has several trained Marine Deputies. The Marine patrol, patrols the Snake River and Columbia River. The Snake River patrol area starts at Lyons Ferry to the mouth of the Columbia River. 

The Columbia River patrol area starts from the White Bluffs Boat launch to the Sacajaweha state park.

The Franklin County Marine Patrol Boating Mandatory Education

State law requires most operators of motorboats with a 15 horsepower or greater motor to get a boater education card. Boat operators who were born before January 1, 1955, are exempt. Boat operators of other ages are being phased in.

To see when you are required to carry a boater education card, visit the Washington State Parks and Recreation website.

View the Official Washington Boater Safety Handbook.

When Do I Need My Card?

  • Sample Boater Education Card2008: 20 and younger
  • 2009: 25 and younger
  • 2010: 30 and younger
  • 2011: 35 and younger
  • 2012: 40 and younger
  • 2013: 50 and younger
  • 2014: 59 and younger

Get your Boater Card, online! Persons required to have a Boater Education Card must carry it on board whenever operating a motorboat with 15 horsepower or greater